IKONIK senkt Gehäusepreise um 15 Prozent

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IKONIK senkt Gehäusepreise um 15 Prozent

Beitrag von doelf » 25 Jun 2009, 13:35

Mit dem hochwertigen Aluminiumgehäuse Ra X10 trat IKONIK vor einigen Monaten auf den europäischen Markt. In diesem Gehäuse wurden 13 Lüfter vorinstalliert, deren Drehzahl aus einer Mischung von Hard- und Software namens "System Intelligent Management" geregelt wird. Doch der empfohlene Verkaufspreis von 300 Euro scheint einige Interessenten verschreckt zu haben.

Aktuell findet man das Ra X10 zu Straßenpreisen ab 225 Euro, das preiswertere Zaria ist bereits ab 75 Euro ohne und ab 95 Euro mit SIM zu haben. Das Einstiegsmodell Taran findet man ohne SIM bereits unter 40 Euro, für die Variante mit SIM konnten wir keine Angebote entdecken. Die Preissenkung macht vor allem die beiden preiswerteren Gehäuse attraktiver, wobei sich diese eng an konventionellen Gehäusen orientieren und kaum von ihren Mitbewerbern absetzen können.

Ich zitiere die Pressemitteilung:
"IKONIK announces price reduction for high-end cases
Ra X10, Zaria and Taran prices reduced by 15%!


IKONIK is delighted to inform all PC-enthusiasts, power users and gamers that the prices of IKONIK's high-end cases have dropped more than 15%!

After establishing last year by a team of experts in the industry, IKONIK has already created three series of innovative and high-quality cases. All cases have optimal performance, are good looking and easy to use as well. This is acknowledged by media and customers worldwide, who are all very impressed by IKONIK's cases. Over the last year IKONIK has received many awards from all over the globe for its products.

Like most innovative and high-quality products, IKONIK cases come with a price. But now that is no longer the case! In the current economic situation value, durability and quality are what people need above all else. So therefore IKONIK has decided to make the high-end cases affordable for everyone and has reduced the prices with more than 15%. This means IKONIK cases are even better value for money. With the amazing price drop IKONIK expects that even more PC-builders will buy an IKONIK case and find out that it is worth every penny.

End users can choose a case at affordable price from the following series:
IKONIK's Ra X10-series has everything users expect from a full tower PC-case, it is full aluminum, lots of drive bays, advanced air circulation and a combination of aero-dynamic and futuristic looks.

With the Zaria-series (optional with SIM) IKONIK again shows that functionality and style go together very well. Zaria A10 has a unique 3D upswept curve design and Zaria A20 has a Mondrian front design with an integrated 'Kick Start' power button. Besides design, IKONIK's Zaria-series has many features renewed, for example the simple one-click design for tool less installation.

Built to the same high standards as the award winning Zaria, the Taran-series is ensuring the highest compatibility with the latest hardware and thermal design specifications. But Taran is more than specifications and functionality. The case has a sleek and classic aluminum front bezel, which makes it definitely an item worth showing off. The Taran case has just had a price drop to the lowest anywhere and is now available for less than 50 euro (incl. VAT) in the biggest online shop."