Sapphire stellt Radeon X1600Pro AGP vor

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Sapphire stellt Radeon X1600Pro AGP vor

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Trotz aller Unkenrufe sind AGP-Grafikkarten noch immer gefragt. Diesen Markt möchte Sapphire nun mit einer AGP-Version der Radeon X1600Pro bedienen. Die Karte bietet 12 Pixel-Pipelines, 500 MHz Chip- sowie 400 MHz Speichertakt (DDR800) und ist mit 256 MByte DDR2-Speicher bestückt.

Ich zitiere die Pressemitteilung:
Upgrade market now enjoys latest graphics architecture

Supporting the upgrade and retrofit markets using the industry standard AGP bus, leading graphics supplier Sapphire Technology is now shipping AGP versions of its latest series of graphics accelerators. Based on an exciting new architecture this family is now delivering the most sophisticated yet affordable graphics processing solutions to this market.

Based on a completely new architecture, the new X1600 series has been designed to deliver high efficiency, high performance in Shader Model 3.0 and enhanced image quality. The architecture also supports AvivoTM delivering vibrant high fidelity images and video playback to the latest High Definition (HD) video standards. The new AGP version delivers exciting new levels of display quality and performance to this industry standard graphics interface.

The Sapphire RADEON X1600Pro AGP with its 12 Pixel pipelines provides the highest graphics performance in its class even for shader intensive gaming. Equipped with 256MB of DDR2 memory, this model features clock speeds of 500MHz (core) and 400MHz (memory).

Retail versions of these new Sapphire graphics accelerators will ship with multimedia software including PowerDVD and Sapphire Select, the exciting new way to deliver a choice of games to the end user. Each card is bundled with a DVD containing a selection of top games from several leading software houses. The end customer can play each of the games for a one hour trial before choosing which titles he or she wants to keep and using the activation codes for those titles.

Sapphire’s RADEON X1000 series now delivers the best graphics and video performance in the industry. For more details please visit"
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