Core Temp 0.99 verfügbar

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Core Temp 0.99 verfügbar

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Die neue Version 0.99 des Tools Core Temp kommt nun auch mit Intels 45 nm Prozessoren der Core 2 Duo E7000 Baureihe sowie den kommenden Atom (Silverthorne) CPUs zurecht. Zudem wurden fehlerhafte Temperaturanzeigen im Zusammenspiel mit AMDs Phenom sowie älteren K8-Prozessoren behoben.

Download: Core Temp 0.99 - 113 KByte

Hier alle Änderungen in der Übersicht:
  • * Fix: Incorrect recognition of 45nm Mobile Intel CPUs.
    * Fix: CPU temperature not displayed in Core Temp window on Phenom CPUs (0.98 and 0.98.1).
    * Fix: CPU load would sometimes display -1% load.
    * Fix: AMD K8 would sometimes spike to 206C, the false reading is now ignored.
    * Fix: AMD K8 sometimes constantly reads -49C.
    * Fix: Core Temp does not show up automatically on G15 LCD with 2.02 driver.
    * Fix: Shared memory structure was not properly filled on multiprocessor systems.
    * Fix: System tray setting "Show highest temperature of each CPU" only displays one temperature reading in a multi CPU system.
    * Fix: Certain problems with font resizing should now be fixed.
    * Fix: G15 LCD would not update after using soft buttons.
    * Fix: On temperature display mode change, high and low records were not reset.
    * Fix: Changing the reading interval in settings did not actually update, restart of Core Temp was needed to apply the change.
    * Fix: Incorrect VID detection on 45nm desktop Intel parts.
    * Add: Shared memory - developers now have access to Core Temp data.
    * Add: Register dump to text file function.
    * Add: Preliminary Atom (Silverthorne) support - Untested.
    * Add: Support for Intel Core 2 Duo E7000 45nm series.
    * Add: Option to show a single icon instead of temperature in the system tray.
    * Add: Custom font and size for G15 LCD screen or simply use the built in compact font and layout. (via Settings.ini)
    * Change: Improved detection of L2 cache on Intel chips for more accurate recognition.
    * Change: Rewritten temperature calculation to fix problems with shared memory.
    * Change: Default G15 LCD text layout and font changed.
    * Change: Doesn't create a log file containing session start and end times if logging is disabled.
    * Change: Settings.ini file is automatically created with default settings in case one doesn't already exist.