SMC kann im 55 nm Prozess fertigen

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SMC kann im 55 nm Prozess fertigen

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Wie TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.) bekannt gibt, wird die Frima noch in diesem Quartal die Fertigung im 55 nm Prozess aufnehmen. Im Vergleich zur 65 nm Fertigung seinen Kostenersparnisse und eine Absenkung des Stromverbrauchs um zehn bis zwanzig Prozent bei Beibehaltung der Taktrate zu erwarten.

Angeblich zählen NVIDIA und AMD zu den ersten Kunden, die im ersten Halbjahr 2007 Pilotläufe im 55 nm Fertigungsprozess machen werden, mit einer Massenfertigung ist aber erst Anfang 2008 zu rechnen. Da es sich um einen "direct shrink" handelt, können die Hersteller ihre 65 nm Chips laut TSMC ohne großen Aufwand auf 55 nm umstellen.

Ich zitiere die Pressemitteilung:
"TSMC Announces 55nm Process Technology Readiness
Minimal porting effort from 65nm designs to achieve even lower power and cost

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. - March 27, 2007 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today unveiled its 55nm process technology, a 90% linear-shrink process from 65nm including I/O and analog circuits. The process delivers significant die cost savings from 65nm, while offering the same speed and 10 to 20% lower power consumption. Because the 55nm process is a direct shrink, IP providers can leverage existing libraries and port their 65nm designs with minimal risk and effort. The 55nm logic family includes general purpose (GP) and consumer (GC) platforms. Initial production of the 55GP begins this quarter, followed later in the year by 55GC.

While TSMC has already engaged many leading customers and IP suppliers on the process, the company will continue to streamline adoption using its CyberShuttle prototyping program that allows multiple customers and IP suppliers to share the costs of a single mask set and prototype wafers on a pilot run. The 55nm CyberShuttle runs are expected to be offered on a bi-monthly basis starting from the beginning of May this year.

'TSMC’s half-node process, including 55nm, is the quickest and simplest way for our customers to be cost competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace,' said Jason Chen, vice president of corporate development of TSMC. 'TSMC continues to combine manufacturing superiority with a comprehensive design ecosystem to support customers of any size, from startups to multinational giants.'

TSMC’s half-node strategy has a proven track record of helping customers achieve a crucial edge in a fiercely competitive marketplace. The company has been offering half-node processes for six technology generations starting from 0.35-micron."
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